SEREI SWIM is made locally in Long Beach, CA in small batches. Created to fit your vibe wherever you are. Effortless, on-trend bikini styles & colors you'll want to wear all day!

Proudly AAPI owned

We strive to create suits that are comfortable, cute (of course!) and practical.

Our swimwear is thoughtfully designed and made in California where we're part of the entire process of creating a suit from start to finish.

Brand Story

SEREI (suh-ray), encompasses the meaning of beauty, peace & freedom in Khmer.

Growing up in a Cambodian household it was not uncommon to have industrial sewing machines in the homes - this was how many around me were able to make a living after fleeing from Cambodia. There are fond memories of my mom, aunt & grandma sewing and making matching outfits for me & my cousin when we were younger. As I got older, they shared their knowledge & my love for making clothes only grew from there!

* A little fun fact: Serei and all of our style names are Khmer & samples are still made with the same 30+ year old sewing machines my grandma used!

What started out as a hobby, hand-making & selling clothes from dead stock fabrics in 2014, quickly became a small business and turned into a swim brand.

Before the start of 2018 all of our pieces were hand cut and sewn by me and a family member. We now have some help cutting our bikinis which leaves more time to create more styles for you and focus on other parts of the brand.

We look forward to continuing this journey, growing as a brand and creating swimwear for you to enjoy!

xx Talia